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Custom Wrought Iron & Steel

Experience the Beauty of Custom Wrought Iron Solutions for Residential and Commercial Properties. Fully Custom Design, Delivery & Installation.

Los Altos
Custom Metal Work services

Our Custom Staircases and Wrought Ironwork

Fully Custom Design, Delivery & Installation Serving the Peninsula and Greater Bay Area

We provide custom metal work for commercial and residential buildings that desire custom accents: staircases, doorways, gates, fencing, railings, balconies and much more.

Alcantara Steel™ aims to transform your Los Altos Home with an aura of elegance through impeccable craftsmanship.

We take pride in our craftsmanship, creating one-of-a-kind ironworks for our valued clients. Located in Silicon Valley and the Peninsula, we draw inspiration from the most creative and original ideas in style, design, and class.

From iron gates to stair railings, our attention to detail ensures exceptional quality in every piece we fabricate. Our products perfectly complement the elegance of the outstanding homes in Silicon Valley. Our designs are sophisticated and graceful, a perfect match for million-dollar mansions, while still offering fair and reasonable prices.

Our dedication to personalized and exclusive ironworks has earned us repeat business from satisfied clients. They trust us to create custom pieces that enhance the beauty of their homes and offices, making a lasting impression.

We go above and beyond to provide exceptional ironworks that surpass expectations. Reach out to us today for your unique project.

For over two decades, our family-centric approach has been pioneering in designing and installing steel and iron structures like balconies, stairways, and more across the U.S.

Collaborating with a diverse clientele, we mold metals into functional art. Every home is a canvas, and we make sure its metallic strokes are unique. Mass production isn't our way; personalization is.

Be it iron doors or stairways, our art is distinguished. Choosing resilient solid iron, we guarantee our structures echo your taste while promising durability.

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