Custom Metal Work services

Custom Staircases and Wrought Ironwork

Fully Custom Design, Delivery & Installation Serving the Peninsula and Greater Bay Area

We provide custom metal work for commercial and residential buildings that desire custom accents: staircases, doorways, gates, fencing, railings, balconies and much more.

Crafting Timeless Metal Works:
At Alcantara Steel, we are driven by a deep passion for forging beautiful and enduring metal pieces. Our unparalleled iron craftsmanship caters to the needs of both residential and commercial entities, offering quality, artistry, and durability.

As a premier wrought iron contractor, we specialize in high-end projects for residential and commercial spaces. Our portfolio includes ornate gates, majestic staircases, bespoke iron furniture, and more. Each project showcases our precision and artistry, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Our Story:
Established in San Jose, CA, we have always envisioned creating metal masterpieces that become a part of a lasting legacy. With years of experience, we have built a trusted name in the world of wrought iron contracting.

While rooted in traditional techniques, we embrace innovations that push the boundaries of what's possible with metals and constantly strive for unparalleled craftsmanship.

Choose Alcantara Steel for timeless metal works that leave a lasting impression.