Custom Wrought Iron & Steel

Experience the Beauty of Custom Wrought Iron Solutions for Residential and Commercial Properties,. Fully Custom Design, Fabrication & Installation.

Custom Metal Work services

Our Custom Staircases and Wrought Ironwork

Fully Custom Design, Delivery & Installation Serving the Peninsula and Greater Bay Area

We provide custom metal work for commercial and residential buildings that desire custom accents: staircases, doorways, gates, fencing, railings, balconies and much more.

Alcantara Steel™ is committed to transforming spaces with an amalgamation of elegance and expert craftsmanship.

Anchored in a rich family history spanning 20+ years, we've been pivotal in shaping steel and iron structures across the U.S.

Alcantara Steel is dedicated to the art of crafting exquisite metalwork solutions that enhance both the form and function of your home or office. Situated in the heart of Atherton, California, our team of highly skilled artisans specializes in the creation of bespoke cable railing systems, driveway gates, staircases, wrought iron fences, and balconies. With an unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality, craftsmanship, and personalization, we bring your unique vision to life.

Cable Railing Systems

Improve the aesthetics and safety of your space with our tailor-made cable railing systems. Whether it's for your residence or workplace, our master craftsmen fashion sleek and contemporary cable railings that seamlessly harmonize with your environment. Revel in unobstructed vistas, robust construction, and a touch of elegance."

Custom Driveway Gates

Make a bold statement with our custom-designed driveway gates. We understand that your gate serves not only as a functional component but also as an embodiment of your individual taste and style. Our team collaborates closely with you to conceive and fabricate driveway gates that flawlessly complement your property, leaving an enduring impression."

Custom Staircases

Elegance and artistry converge in every aspect of our custom staircases. From timeless to cutting-edge designs, we tailor each staircase to your distinct preferences. Experience the seamless fusion of utility and beauty as you ascend or descend in style."

Wrought Iron Fence

Establish your property's boundaries with the enduring elegance of wrought iron. Our wrought iron fences are meticulously constructed to withstand the test of time while bestowing a touch of classic allure upon your premises. Allow us to craft a fence that not only secures your space but also enhances its overall appeal."

Wrought Iron Balconies

Revitalize the exterior of your dwelling with one-of-a-kind wrought iron balconies that mirror your personal taste and aesthetic sensibilities. Our adept artisans meticulously fashion intricate designs that not only elevate curb appeal but also provide a tranquil haven for you to relish the outdoors."

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